Wishful Warrant or Wackadaisical Whimsy

We won't wilfully wield wild wicked words as wanton weapons. We will write what, where, when, why, who with wit, wisdom and wonder. Whichever, wherever, whenever…whatever. We'll win when weaving wide webs while watching wily wallabies warily wade. We won't wander. Why worry? White weebles wobble warily westward. Whoa! Wassup... Weak wimps wistfully wallow with windows. Whammo! Whatta wickedly, wonderful wallop wannabe. Wow! Wiggle Wednesday witches, wizards, warthogs and wapitis wearing waistcoats. Weird weekend wavering. Wahoo whistling Walter Winchell witness Wilma's watery wipeout; wince.




Well? Well well.



Jeff Riddall

Husband and father of two kidults with a head full of random words and such. Lover of sports, beer, food, long walks & dogs; not necessarily in this order.