Dog Tired

A wee memory of a dear friend now gone…

Hey Kallee Indaway O’Malley! What’s all the commotion? What’s going on in your doggie mind while you sleep? At least I think you’re sleeping. Otherwise, you may be possessed by a demon. All manner of odd sounds are emanating from your wee muscular body, as you twist and twitch and writhe around on the couch. Snorts, peeps, burps and cheeps like some sort of whirligig machine from Mr. Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Eyes fluttering open and close, darting left, right, up and down, but far from seeing through a hazy gaze.

Or maybe you see plenty in your subconscious poochie mind’s eye. Perhaps you’re chasing a group of little grey bunnies with cute cotton tails in a lush green meadow. Bounding up, over and through knee high white and yellow clover. The way your legs clench and then paw at the air sure makes it seem like you’re in virtual pursuit of some quarry.

Maybe the damned black squirrel has returned to the back yard running back and forth across the top of the fence like it’s his own personal tightrope. Taunting you with his chit chit chattering, fully knowing you can’t reach him.

Same goes for those nasty black birds, hip hopping on their tip tippy toes. Stopping every couple of feet to jab their yellow beaks down below the grass in search of worms or grubs or whatever other bug they fancy. One day when dad opens the sliding door you’ll catch one unaware. For now all you can do is dream about it.

The twitching’s stopped. The grunts replaced by low deep guttural snoring. How do you not wake yourself up? I mean it’s really LOUD. You’re gonna have to wake up soon, so we can head upstairs. Start sleeping for real. What’s it like to spend the majority of your day sleeping? Ever run outta dreams? Doesn’t appear so.



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Jeff Riddall

Husband and father of two kidults with a head full of random words and such. Lover of sports, beer, food, long walks & dogs; not necessarily in this order.